Event Summary 7.1.2020

National Cybersecurity eForum

A Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum Event

Trexin’s Chief Security Officer and Technology Capability Lead, Glenn Kapetansky, attended the National Cybersecurity eForum last week. Topics that were addressed in the sessions he attended included:

  • Diversity in Cybersecurity: What are the strategic steps CISOs can take to increase diversity on their teams and within the security community?
  • Securing Your Workforce Remotely: What are the challenges CISOs face with the variety of home environments, and what are the best ideas for dealing with them?

In these unprecedented times, CISOs sharing their problems and solutions is as heartening as it is valuable. In this case, the effort saved by directly adopting best practices for securing our remote workplace without missteps is effort that can be redirected toward maintaining and increasing the diversity of our workforce!

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