Event Summary 11.15.2022

MCO CEO Roundtable

Chicago, IL

MCO Roundtable 2022 Event Summary

On November 2nd, Arian Rastgou attended the Managed Care Organizations (MCO) CEO Roundtable to meet with healthcare professionals and leaders of the state’s Medicaid health plans. The focus of the discussions were the significant issues facing the industry including the eventual unwinding of the public health emergency, behavioral health, and social determinants of health.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Rushil Desai, CEO, Aetna Better Health of Illinois
  • Aaron Galeener, Chief Administrative Officer, Health Plan Services for Cook County Health
  • Nancy Wohlhart, Vice President of Medicaid for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
  • Matt Wolf, Plan President, Molina Healthcare of Illinois

The panelists discussed a comprehensive range of issues in the industry including redetermination, healthcare access, health equities, and value-based contracting.

Key Takeaways:

  • States and Medicaid have increased the amount of documentation required for applications resulting in an increased adoption of data processing systems.
  • Common healthcare barriers include transportation, child support, health professional shortages, language barriers, access to quality food, housing, and simplifying enrollment processes.
  • Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth usage surged as consumers and providers sought ways to safely access and deliver healthcare.
  • Each community has their own set of barriers and challenges when reviewing health plans. To understand these communities from a personal perspective, it is essential to hire from within these communities and consider the member’s voice.
  • Transportation plays a crucial role in healthcare for rural communities as they do not always have the same availabilities as urban communities. Mobile clinics, nurses, and field members have begun to see an increase in travel to meet patients.
  • States have expressed they want an increase in value-based contracting. Value-based contracting aims to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary services and sharing savings gained through lowering care cost. However, these contracts require a robust patient infrastructure which puts additional pressure on providers.
  • Prevention and awareness are emerging priorities for organizations. The ability to efficiently and quickly communicate health updates to a wide audience has proven successful for community health and reduces long term cost of care.

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