Case Study 11.29.2017

Improving Analytics Project Priorities and Outcomes

Trexin helped a Healthcare managed care company implement a program management process and system to evaluate, monitor and align analytics projects with strategic business objectives.

Cost of Care

Business Driver

Our Client, a business unit of a national managed care company, maintained a full-time analytics staff to execute numerous analytics projects that support business operations, specifically focusing on improving the company’s financial performance by reducing the total cost-of-care. Historically, these analytics projects were not tracked, having no program management or governance oversight. As a result, the company was unable to effectively prioritize projects by their alignment with key strategic business needs, projects were often delivered late, and there was a lack of business-unit input on quality. Recognizing that a more formal program management process was needed, the company’s CFO asked Trexin to initiate and help implement a program management capability, emphasizing governance and project tracking, with a focus on analytics activities and strategic cost-of-care initiatives.


Trexin embedded a small team with program management and analytics expertise to work alongside our Client’s personnel. The team’s first action was to quickly implement a new data management system that tracked all projects, updated on a recurring basis. Using this data management system, daily scrum sessions were then initiated to monitor the status of analytics activities, and more importantly to reprioritize and realign analytics projects with the dynamic needs of the business.

Trexin then led the design and implementation of project management dashboards for various functional user groups including senior management; product and service teams; analytics management; and the project management office (PMO) so they could individually monitor and manage their analytics activities. An Agile approach was adopted to quickly create initial versions of the dashboards and then iteratively refine them based upon user input. This resulted in a robust set of dashboards closely aligned to business user needs within just a few weeks.


Trexin received consistent feedback from our project sponsor and other key stakeholders that the daily scrum and management dashboards were adding immediate value and enabling the organization to more effectively align analytics resources and projects to strategic cost-of-care business opportunities. Our Client’s senior management and business users gained visibility into the analytics project activities and status, and as strategic needs change, the business units working in partnership with the analytics director and PMO team can reprioritize projects and analytics resources to focus on high-value business initiatives as well as ensure that agreed upon delivery dates are met. Most importantly, the underlying result has been an improvement in bottom line performance for the company as the analytics insights are a key driver of business actions that contribute to a reduction in the cost-of-care.

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