Case Study 1.25.2018

Ensuring Project Delivery & Operational Excellence

Trexin helped an auto claims processor complete a large project backlog and improve infrastructure availability.

Business Driver

Our Client, a leading automobile claims processor and service provider, operated a highly transactional e-business infrastructure. But with over 70 IT operations projects underway and infrastructure return-to-service (RTS) times approaching 3 hours, there were increasing concerns about the company’s ability to complete the projects within the expected timeframes and budgets while maintaining sufficient “run the business” service levels. With the internal project management team already over-allocated, the company turned to Trexin for help.


After a brief assessment, Trexin quickly recognized that there were critical gaps in project management best practices, especially related to how project plans, progress, risks, and issues were being recorded, collected, aggregated, and subsequently reported to business stakeholders and executive sponsors. With that understanding, Trexin immediately began introducing a comprehensive program/project management office capability to ensure the consistent use of standardized documents, processes, and best practices.

In parallel to the effort to introduce structural improvements to the program/project management capability, Trexin also assumed direct project management delivery responsibility on several critical projects to address internal resource gaps. By leading some of the projects ourselves, this also provided Trexin with the opportunity to ensure that the new standards were immediately incorporated directly into daily practice, serving as a pathfinder for the other projects. As the structural changes began to take effect, Trexin also actively demonstrated how to more effectively prioritize, manage, and execute all the initiatives streaming through the new project management office capability.


Trexin’s positive impact was immediately recognized, resulting in both an extension of the original team as well as a further expansion of the team to include an additional project manager. Ultimately, all 70+ IT operations projects were completed on-time, and the program/project management capability enhancements that Trexin introduced were all adopted. With the efficiencies that were gained, the company’s infrastructure RTS was also reduced from over 3 hours to 30 minutes.

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