Event Summary 8.17.2022

Cybersecurity in Our New World

Chicago, IL

Cybersecurity in Our New World

On July 18th, Glenn Kapetansky, Elizabeth Badrov, and Julia Pursell attended the America Israel Chamber of Commerce’s Summer Innovation Showcase. This year, the panel topic was “Cybersecurity in Our New World”. The event which was moderated by Glenn, brought together innovative cybersecurity leaders of the Israeli community to discuss modern approaches to cybersecurity threats.


  • Chris Martin – Director, ThetaRay
  • Avital Sincai – Co-Founder and COO, Cydome
  • Idam Wiener – Co-Founder and CEO, Illustria


The fundamental core mission of cybersecurity is our own version of “the CIA”: Confidentially, Integrity, and Accessibility of our resources (network, systems/applications, and data). Traditionally, cybersecurity in the financial sector is focused on Confidentiality, whereas the operational focus of maritime is on Integrity and Accessibility. But no longer! This panel discussed the new challenges for both sectors, and pragmatic advice for dealing with them.

  • ThetaRay, led by Chris Martin, uses machine learning to identify potential financial crimes among money transfers.
  • Cydome, co-founded by Avital Sincai, provides cybersecurity management of IT inventory aboard maritime vessels.
  • Illustria, co-founded by Idam Wiener, analyzes open-source libraries in applications developed for financial, maritime, and other sectors, for malicious activity prior to it potentially infecting a cloud service, server, or user’s computer.
  • Glenn provided other insights from Trexin experience, such as:
    • Global logistical “supply chain” challenges create new cyber weaknesses in maritime operations, e.g.: increased reliance on logistics software creates a vulnerability as malicious actors insert delays, which in turn cause delays/confusions, which can be used to manipulate stock prices…Or, spoofing GPS could cause goods to be delivered to a dummy depot, and stolen from there.
    • As fintech relies more on machine learning and AI, new risks are introduced, e.g.: injecting dirty data into the training of AI can “train” it to miss fraudulent activity.

Trexin provides support in cybersecurity transformation and can help your team.

Our approach to cybersecurity is balanced and layered, integrated with your Enterprise Risk Management framework. Our partnership with you will explore improvements to policies, processes, dashboards, architectures, and the management of new technologies on all organizational levels from Operations to the Board.

Where Trexin Can Help – Cybersecurity Offerings:

Assessments: Cyber Risk Gap Analysis, Technology Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, and “Metrics that Matter” Dashboard Design
Operational Support: Interim Leadership/Succession Planning, Security Architecture, Key Program Execution, Cyber Risk Management Framework, and Key Risk Indicators (KRI) Framework
Breach Response: Targeted Incident Response, Improved Incident Response Process, Prioritized Action Plans & Execution, and Red/Blue (+ Purple) Team Exercises

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