Event Summary 10.2.2017

Crain’s Real Estate Forum

Chicago, IL

On September 20th, we attended the Crain’s Real Estate Forum featuring Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of GGP. Listening to Mr. Mathrani’s journey as a person who grew up in India and migrated to the United States on his own, as a teenager, was impressive. Even more exciting, was hearing how he has evolved throughout his career in real estate – and which pieces of advice have upped his game over the years. Mr. Mathrani started as a designer, and inadvertently moved to the business side when he aided in obtaining financing for a project which otherwise would not have come to fruition. His business sense came naturally, and he progressed from there. As CEO of GGP, his vision is to expand beyond just the malls which GGP is known for, and simply focus on valuable commercial real estate.

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