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Today’s pace of change, disruption and digital innovation is putting new and expanded stress on business leaders and their teams. These pressures require much higher levels of collaboration across the enterprise. In fact, what used to be a challenge of business & technology alignment is now evolving to be a single, enterprise-wide mandate to digitally enable business operations. Firms are looking for ways to help build the new leadership, teaming, and digital acumen required to compete in today’s market.

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Help me mentor, coach, develop leaders with new roles and challenges

Many of Trexin’s highly experienced team have had extensive experience in both management consulting and operational leadership roles. As we work on strategy, design, and delivery efforts, we are often asked to assist with knowledge transfer or coaching and mentoring client leaders who are faced with new challenges, roles, and opportunities.

Our focus is on ensuring the leader has a clear point of view on their role and personal leadership style. We then help empower them to shift beliefs and behaviors to meet their personal and corporate goals. Trexin believes in a fact-based, leader-driven assistance model. We also assist on a more dedicated basis, with focused time and intentional executive development approaches to work with leaders who require additional assistance or just need someone objective to collaborate with.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Mentor
  • Team Effectiveness

Help my team improve collaboration and team effectiveness

Team effectiveness can be hampered by the pace of ongoing business disruption, shifting priorities and roles, as well as silo’d culture and values. We work with clients to ensure their staff can work effectively, whether as an ad-hoc work group, project or process team, new COE or traditional functional department. Our approach is always based on the unique needs and client setting.

Trexin often leverages Patrick Lencioni “5 Dysfunctions of Teams” which lays out a simple yet complete view of what is required for team success. Again, our approach is client-driven and fact-based. Often using our head, heart, and hands change model to create a set of new beliefs and behaviors that can be committed to, baselined, and tracked for improvement and desired results.

Areas of Expertise:

  • IT Team Effectiveness

Help me lead the IT organization on an interim basis

Interim CIO’s from Trexin fill a gap between the departures of a senior IT executive and the start date of the hire. We provide interim support during times of intense disruption, change, and transformation. Our interim CIOs work for a designated period of time to build and lead the IT organization or to lead a key IT initiative within your organization.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Interim CIO
  • IT Executive

Distance Doesn’t Have to be a Distraction

Trexin’s Jonathan Katz and Tori Anderson discuss best practices for working remotely to aid employers and managers navigate the challenge of remote work as it’s rapidly becoming an engrained aspect of the professional world.

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