Event Summary 10.31.2019

6th Annual IIA/ISACA Hacking Conference

Chicago, IL

On October 28th and 29th, nearly 300 attendees gathered to learn about and discuss “The Many Personas of InfoSec” during the 6th Annual Hacking Conference sponsored by the Chicago Chapters of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). The wonderful Swissotel in the heart of Chicago served again as the venue where this year’s theme was loosely based on the movie “Into the Spider-Verse”. In the movie, multiple spider people who are unique in their own way must work together to defeat the bad actor. Similarly, individuals in operational security, security risk management, and security oversight all face similar threats. By coordinating each role’s unique skills and duties, Audit and InfoSec and Risk/Compliance create a force strong enough to strike back against cyber threats.

Topics ranged from insider threats to risk assessment to the intriguing session entitled “The Clouds are Out to Get Me”, all with the goal of building a greater appreciation for the current cybersecurity landscape and the potential impacts to your organization.

In attendance was Trexin’s CSO Glenn Kapetansky, who sat on the CISO Panel during the session “What Do CISOs Worry About” on October 29th. Glenn shared the panel with fellow industry leaders Darin Hurt (Guaranteed Rate), Jake Middleton (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), Rob Tourt (Discover Financial Services), and panel moderator Tina Hauri (Bradford Garrett Group). This panel is perennially a favorite of the conference, with great chemistry among the panel and lively audience participation. This year, Glenn accidentally coined “The Friendly Fist of Audit” during the Q&A, which promptly went viral among the CISOs.

For more information about Trexin’s Cybersecurity Practice Area, click here.

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