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Event Summary 6.22.2022

2022 Most Influential Women in Health IT

A webinar hosted by HIMSS.

2022 Most Influential Women in Health IT

Kenzie Schumaker attended the 2022 Most Influential Women in Health IT Webinar on June 16th. The webinar was a celebration of these women and the impact they have made in the healthcare technology industry.

2022 Most Influential Women:

  • Barbara Casey, MBA
  • Didi Davis
  • Mary Griskewicz, FHIMSS
  • Atefeh Riazi
  • Tania Taijrian MD, CCFP, FCFP, DTMPH
  • Jaya Tripathi, MS

One of the goals of the webinar was to enable women and demonstrate opportunities within the Health IT and leadership space. Learning how these women got to where they are was a powerful message in becoming not only a female leader in a male dominated industry, but demonstrates the various paths to success.

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