Event Summary 9.14.2022

7th Annual Chicago Cybersecurity Summit

Chicago, IL

Cybersecurity Event Summary

On August 26th, Summy Jafri attended the 7th Annual Chicago Cybersecurity Summit which focused on the integration of threat intelligence, attack surface, and vulnerability management into threat management programs. Specifically, how you can do a better job of proactively understanding and reducing the risks and exposures associated with this disparate environment, while simultaneously and significantly reducing the stress on your threat management systems and teams. Threat management programs aiming to establish visibility, detection, investigation, and response are becoming more complex as infrastructure and workforces expand and adapt. This not only makes threat management more challenging, but can also dramatically increase your exposure to attack. Advance threats should change how you think about your risk and incidence response strategies as well as your thread models. Adversaries are learning from successful campaigns and building resilience begins with retrospectives and assessing the risk you hold. Attackers have a limited playbook which can be used to your advantage – network monitoring is their worst nightmare. Good security is about resilience not being bullet proof.

As you adapt to the new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses have returned to the office while many continue to work from home or are shifting to a hybrid workforce. Regardless of where your team is, in today’s flexible work culture, it’s important to make sure your data is secure. Mobile security is not a new concern, but as mobile devices become the heart of an organization’s IT estate, the stakes are getting higher. The 2022 Mobile Security Index (MSI) Report focuses on the threats to mobile devices; what defenses companies have in place to thwart these attacks; and how often those fail, leading to a mobile-related compromise. It provides a benchmark for how security leaders are dealing with the rapid modernization of remote working.

Ransomware has evolved from relatively simple, opportunistic crimes to a prime concern for security and business leaders alike. The evolution of ransomware is a story of innovation as attackers realize that the amount of damage they cause directly corresponds to how big their payday will be. Cloud innovations continue to drive the rapid adoption of cloud services, which offer numerous advantages such as increased flexibility, better scalability, cost savings, higher productivity, and resiliency. However, challenges in migrating to the cloud and protecting the cloud environment cause concern for many organizations. Fast-moving cyberattacks can strike at any time, and security teams are often unable to react quickly enough.

From a strategy level, you want to optimize and prioritize your resiliency efforts. Optimize program efficacy by ensuring the program is maturing and adapting as threats do and validate processes are meeting those expectations. Prioritize tactical efforts to determine where to best marshal your limited resources to mitigate the most critical risks. Policy and process must create better security controls, support the overall mission of the business, and align with business goals. Don’t just find where teams are struggling, find what’s working and replicate it to different groups.

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