Event Summary 10.14.2021

2021 CISO of the Year Award Presentation

Chicago, IL

The 8th annual CISO of the Year Awards was on October 12th. Trexin’s Chief Security Officer and Technology Capability Lead, Glenn Kapetansky, attended the event as a member of the Program Committee. Ricardo Lafosse, CISO of The Heinz Kraft Company, was named the 2021 CISO of the Year; the other nominees were finalist Jack Burbank (CISO, WinTrust), Tim Bengson (Global CISO, Kellogg), and Christopher Hueneke (CISO, RKON). Congratulations to everyone involved!

The rigorous judging process by peers and corporate executives included:

• Sunil Cutinho (President, CME Clearing)
• Bradley Alter (CEO, Certified Health Management)
• Amy Bogac (CISO, Clorox)
• Arln McMillan (CISO, Kirkland & Ellis)
• Michael Phillips (CISO, vSEC)
• Richard Rushing (CISO, Motorola Mobility)

One high point was the keynote address by Lynn Dohm, Executive Director at Women in CyberSecurity. Her presentation inspired and challenged the CISOs in the room to double down on diversity as a way to strengthen their teams.

To learn more about Trexin’s Cybersecurity Practice Area, please click here.

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