Insight Paper 5.14.2019

10 Trends Driving Financial Technology

Prepare your organization for the "FinTech" future.

Financial Technology (FinTech) is an immensely impactful field and has seen an exorbitant amount of growth within the banking and wealth management spheres. Its implementation has enabled institutions to cut costs, supply more accurate data, house increasingly substantive records, and execute response times in a more efficient and consumer-friendly (or investor-friendly) fashion. FinTech is a field of knowledge that will continue to dominate the financial services landscape and usher in a new era of robotics and automation. It has the potential to create new and more meaningful modes of employment and opportunity. These top 10 trends highlight some of the most critical areas of concentration and awareness surrounding FinTech and are illustrated and detailed more in the following infographic. Trexin’s consultants are knowledgeable subject matter experts that work and live in the FinTech universe. Reach out to us if you have any questions or want to initiate a dialogue surrounding the potentials of adapting to FinTech.

Click the “Download PDF” button below to view the full-sized version of the infographic.

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