Event Summary 3.11.2014

Trexin’s Thriving Through Disruption Dinner Series

Thriving Through Disruption in Chicago

We had a wonderful evening at our third Thriving Through Disruption event in Chicago on February 27th. The event was attended by 15 senior executives from leading Chicago businesses in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, new media and higher education.

Marvin Richardson, Managing Director and co-Founder of Trexin, started out by setting the ground rules, agenda, livening up the crowd and setting the stage for the two presenters for the evening.

The first presenter was Steve Betts, Global CIO at Aon. Steve identified several examples of how new technologies not only created incremental efficiency and cost savings in operations activities, but more importantly, presented an opportunity for increased business capability and product. Examples like the adoption of Hadoop providing more efficiency in ETL processing within the warehouse resulting in near real-time advantage of the disruptive impact of “Big Data”.

The second presenter was Dan Yunker, CEO of Land of Lincoln Health. Dan described how the Affordable Care Act enabled his company to create a startup company leveraging their existing provider network. What is phenomenal is they went from company formation to fully operational in less than 11 months. Dan went on to identify how the focus on consumers by the Affordable Care Act is disrupting the traditional end to end activities between payers and providers.

After rounds of questions for each presenter the group retired to dinner, where discussions continued and new network relationships were formed.

Trexin continuously studies the impact of disruptive change. There is great opportunity for organizations to capitalize on those disruptive changes through new business strategies. Disruptive change can come from various sources such as technology, competitors with new business models, government regulations, sweeping changes that affect entire industries and M&A activity that restructures organizations.

If you would like further information on Trexin’s Thriving Through Disruption events, please contact Jenna Smith at  jenna.smith@trexin.com.

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