Event Summary 12.28.2021

Top 10 Ways to Detect Drug Diversion in Your Hospital

An Invistics Webinar

Top Ten Ways to Detect Drug Diversion in Your Hospital Event Summary

On December 21st, Rhea Shrivastava attended Invistics’ webinar, “Top 10 Ways to Detect Drug Diversion in Your Hospital”. The CEO of Invistics and keynote speaker, Tom Knight, provided a detailed background on drug diversion and effective strategies on prevention in hospitals.

Drug diversion is a highly prevalent issue in healthcare settings that has only increased in the past couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By improving drug diversion, we can effectively ensure patient, co-worker, and community safety.

Knight then discussed 10 ways to detect drug diversion:

  1. Missing Shipments When Purchasing
  2. Missing Restocks in Pharmacies
  3. Missing Administrations of Patient-Specific Infusions
  4. Missing Medication Administrations
  5. Falsified Medication Administrations
  6. Tampering with Waste
  7. Accessing Medications Outside of Working Hours
  8. Accessing Medications Outside of Anesthesia Procedures
  9. Stolen Medications in Outpatient Clinical Areas
  10. Detect Diversion of Non-Controlled Substances

Through a computer software, FloLytics, detection of drug diversion can occur up to four months earlier – which Invistics saw through a National Institutes of Health funded study. It uses electronic tracking to record various receipts, administration quantities, and access to medication after working hours. Rather than just looking for behavioral changes in its workers, organizations can use this software to identify and mitigate drug diversion more effectively.

To learn about our Drug Diversion Prevention Improvement Program, please click here:

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