Event Summary 6.17.2022

The Future of Mental Health Access and Care

Chicago, IL

The Future of Mental Health Access and Care

On May 24th, Patrick Roder attended “The Future of Mental Health Access and Care” event hosted by Health New Illinois. Topics included how COVID-19 impacted mental health in hospitals, the healthcare workforce, and state policy as well as what the future looks like.

Event Panelists:

  • Rep. Maurice A. West II, D-Rockford
  • David T. Jones, Illinois Chief Behavioral Health Officer
  • Dave Gomel, CEO Rosecrance Health Network
  • Dr. Aron Janssen, Vice Chair of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
  • Sara Moscato Howe, Sr. Director, Third Horizon Strategies

Interesting Points:

  • Telehealth has been very effective in bridging the gap for psych/doctor visits throughout COVID-19, but still isn’t enough
    • There’s a concern moving forward on how telehealth will be accepted across different types of insurance
  • Depression and anxiety diagnosis/teenage suicide attempts have risen since the start of COVID-19
    • It’s good that people are being treated and seen more, but that doesn’t solve the problem
    • Need to continue breaking the stigma of not discussing mental health challenges
  • Healthcare workforce has experienced a great amount of burnout and we need to develop more behavioral health professionals
  • Emphasizing that mental health is health and primary care physicians need to incorporate it more into their practice

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