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Event Summary 6.27.2022

Reunite & Reemerge Together

A global gathering of project pros and changemakers.

PMI - Reunite & Reemerge Together

On June 9th, Laurel Wirkus attended Project Management Institute (PMI)’s “Reunite & Reemerge Together – Global Gathering of Project Pros and Changemakers” virtual conference.

It was a day full of valuable insights from various speakers, kicking off with a conversation between PMI’s managing director of Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, Ashwini Bakshi, and Ginger Kerrick, VP and Chief Strategy Officer of Barrios and former NASA employee. The topic of their conversation was Building Resilient Organizations through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Ginger had a lot of inspirational advice, but the main theme was to always back yourself and your abilities, and to meet people where they are. As a leader, make sure you understand and encourage each member of your team, and distinguish their role in reaching your common goal.

The rest of the day followed with additional engaging breakout sessions and main-stage conversations:

  • Book Club Conversation discussing Amber Cabral’s Allies and Advocates and the six behaviors to be a better ally
  • Running a Global PMO with Paul Capello as he explained the value of a global PMO and recommendations for those adopting one
  • Ask Me Anything: Perspectives from PMI’s Board of Directors, a panel with the PMI board as they answered questions from the audience on PMI and being an effective project manager
  • Citizen Development: Empowering the Change Maker – Panelists described citizen development and the role it will play in our future
  • Best Practices in the Art of Survival with Strategic Planning with Wael Ramadan – He explained the importance of developing a strategic plan and best practices for effective strategic planning

The day ended by returning to Ashwini Bakshi and Ginger Kerrick as they discussed Building Resilient Organizations through DEI. Ginger described how to be a change maker, establishing trust on your team, the future of DEI, and some additional advice to those in the audience. She shared personal experiences and her recommendations for building a solid team.

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