Case Study 5.26.2021

Optimizing HR Capabilities in Support of Hypergrowth

Trexin helped a Healthcare provider create a roadmap to broadly scale talent management and development.

Optimizing HR in Support of Hypergrowth

Business Driver

In a genuine example of “hypergrowth” as defined by 40+% CAGR sustained over multiple years, a fast-growing clinical care Client of ours with 85 primary care medical facilities serving a diverse population of seniors was planning to open 25 new clinics in the coming year and even more the next two. Anticipating not only the upcoming hiring challenges but also the broader talent management and development needs associated with such sudden growth, the SVP of HR central systems asked Trexin to quickly help the organization develop a plan for optimizing the organization’s HR capabilities in support of hypergrowth.


Our approach to this engagement was to apply Trexin’s highly effective Strategy, Assessment, and Roadmap (STAR) methodology, led by a 3-person Trexin team over a 3-month period collaborating with our Client and each other entirely remotely due to pandemic restrictions. After clarifying the strategy to reach an optimized HR state as leveraging and enhancing HR people, processes, and technology to support the talent lifecycle, Trexin led 10 workshops involving nearly 40 stakeholders through a series of collaborative exercises. The first group exercise was to translate the strategy into a set of specific tactics. After introducing an HR Capability Model comprising 6 top-level capabilities (HR Strategy & Planning, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development and Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, HR Operations, and Employee Relations), Trexin then led the group to translate their defined tactics into future-state capability needs, mapped to the Capability Model, and ultimately gapped against current-state capabilities. Trexin then organized the capability enhancement specifications into projects and project groups, sequenced and prioritized the projects into a roadmap, and estimated all capability enhancement costs.


By applying our STAR methodology for strategy execution, Trexin successfully led our Client through a rigorous process that drove an aligned, shared definition of what specific HR capability enhancements were required to execute the HR organization’s strategy to attain its goal of supporting the business’ hypergrowth. The resulting $2M, 18-month investment roadmap incorporated 7 project groups spanning 32 projects plus 9 “quick win” efforts driving over 100 capability enhancements. Trexin also presented a set of specific Workday implementation recommendations to ensure adoption of Workday best practices and full engagement of all available functionality.

Upon conclusion of the group’s effort, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) congratulated the team on their work, stated that the timing was good, that the material incorporated simplicity for employees / leaders, that the business case was well positioned, and that the body of work represented the clearest picture that they’ve ever had. The CRHO went on to say that they were in good shape to review the roadmap with the executive stakeholders, who would likely see the investment as an important component to make front-line leaders more efficient, as well as HR.

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