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Event Summary 11.11.2020

MinneWiADS: Women in Analytics & Data Science Virtual Conference

A MinneAnalytics Event

MinneWiADS is MinneAnalytics’ brand-new data science and technology conference that aims to bring together leaders, experts, and anyone interested in analytics, especially those who identify as women and non-binary, to share knowledge, make connections, and inspire one another. Destiny Dux, an Associate Consultant who specializes in data science, joined the first ever MinneWiADS conference, which was hosted by Diana DeSoysa, Renee Ernst, and Kim Eng Ky.

Featured speakers covered a range of topics which included:

  1. Software Design, Development, and Distribution in R
  2. Using Advanced Analytics to Predict the Onset of a Cytokine Storm
  3. Big Data/AI, Privacy, and Data Security Regulation
  4. Seeing the Unseen with Graph Technology
  5. Amplifying Human Potential with AI
  6. Computer Vision and AI for Earth
  7. Recurrent Generative Network for Cropland Monitoring

To learn more about MinneWiADS, please click here.

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