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Case Study 8.30.2016

Marketing Medical Devices in an Age of Value-Based Care

Trexin provided advanced analytics of a commercially available health outcomes data set that drove the composition of six abstracts demonstrating improved health outcomes and cost of a medical device

Marketing Medical Devices In An Age Of Value -Based Care

Business Driver

Our Client, a rapidly growing medical device company, wanted to validate their hemodynamic monitoring product line and increase brand awareness by partnering with several physician groups who were thought leaders in the area of fluid management. The Chief Physician Executive asked Trexin to collaborate with these physician groups to define filters of commercially available patient data and perform analysis on the information to provide material that would be used to generate abstracts that the physician groups would then present at medical conferences.



Trexin’s first action was to create a Clinical Day View (CDV) of the data set. This unique method of viewing data allows us to isolate information about a particular patient and the procedures and treatments that they underwent before being discharged from the hospital.

The CDV then gave us the ability to rapidly analyze the data, which was purchased from Premier and contains 17% of all U.S. hospital discharges across a variety of patient populations. And we were able to analyze the data in a way that was exploratory in nature, providing more objective and usable results without the need to adhere to pre-established research questions.

We then met with each of the six physician groups our Client had selected and interviewed them. We asked them questions designed to help us itemize the specific characteristics of the patients they were interested in and define the population to be examined.

With these parameters established, our team then reviewed the data, looking at it through the CDV and other proprietary enhancements and noting any patterns or details that might prove interesting and related to the subject matter that the physicians were seeking to examine.

Once we gathered this information, we then presented our Client and the physician group with a storyline that would form the basis of an abstract illustrating the improved health outcome or cost.

The physician partners then began to write the abstract, collaborating closely with Trexin throughout the composition process, and we were part of the review process that each abstract underwent prior to submission to any conferences.


We presented our Client and their physician partners with the most compelling storylines and delivered analyses for six discrete subjects. These subjects are currently being written into abstracts, submitted to conferences, and supporting our Client’s pursuit of strengthened brand awareness and overall value for their fluid management device.

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