Elizabeth Badrov


Elizabeth Badrov is an experienced and versatile business IT strategist with a keen eye for details and value identification. She has led the strategy, design, and implementation of payment, supply chain, eCommerce, and back-office systems in multiple industries including banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, media, and travel as well as the formation of new startups and Fortune 500 introduction into new technology sectors. At Trexin, Elizabeth provides IT product management, process optimization, Agile transformation, project management, compliance support, and strategy formulation. Elizabeth excels at reducing complex, entangled existing business processes and systems into clean, executable workflows. Her “in the trenches” experience in multiple technical roles and strategy development with C-level stakeholders gives her a valuable perspective related to the how business process change impacts every role across the enterprise.

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Illinois, studied Software Development and Human Computer Interaction at DePaul University, and holds a variety of certifications in Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, and Python.

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