Carrie Swift

Senior Graphic Designer

Carrie Swift is a graphic designer with 30 years of experience in presentation development/design, corporate communications, and marketing.  Carrie’s unique skill of blending art and analytics can be seen through her work, especially in the area of data visualization, infographics, and storyboarding. Her mastery of design and creative skills allow her to present complicated and detailed information in a creative and intuitive manner. Carrie holds a degree in art coupled with a strong computer programming background.

At Trexin, Carrie is part of the Marketing team with a strong focus on Healthcare and Life Sciences. Prior to Trexin, Carrie spent eleven years as the sole proprietor of Reflection Graphics, serving major clients such as McDonald’s Corporation, Walgreens, Komatsu, and Eli Lilly. Her healthcare experience came into play as a communications designer for Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) and a tenure with Oliver Wyman as a designer in their Healthcare and Life Sciences division.

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