Arif Khan

Senior Principal

Arif Khan is a dynamic IT leader with over 12 years of experience. He has an extensive background in data analytics and the healthcare industry. Arif has technical expertise in data integration and data warehousing solutions for large and small enterprises. In healthcare, Arif has architected and led development of business intelligence and workflow solutions for revenue cycle, medical transcription, core measures (JCAHO), and accountable care organization (ACO). He has also led the design and implementation of population management algorithms, risk algorithms, data analytics and data mining to empower a healthcare ACO business.

Arif also has experience in IT strategy creation, financial modeling, project management, and program management. With experience in a Big Four firm and as director of development at a healthcare company, Arif gained expertise in how to consolidate resources for cost reduction without diminishing the effectiveness and quality of work products. Arif also has expertise in architecting business intelligence solutions in the retail banking industry.

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