Established, Relevant and Client-Centric

Trexin’s mission, and the origin of our name, is to provide our Clients with the three foundational elements that we believe all buyers of professional services seek:

  • TRust
    Behaving in all endeavors to earn the privilege of your trust
  • EXperience
    Providing genuine and relevant expertise, delivered in a satisfying manner
  • INnovation
    Striving to accomplish your business objectives, not just execute a task

Recognizing that our Clients have varying needs for using professional services, Trexin offers three delivery modes:

  1. Our “Diamond Team” structure for project-oriented work when you want Trexin to own an outcome with “boardroom to the wire” accountability working side-by-side with your team from the executive suite to the office floor to minimize information loss and distortion
  2. Expert/Advisory services for individual SMEs and senior-level assistance
  3. Strategic Staffing services for execution-oriented tasks or roles



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