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The Technology Whisperer: On Being a Trexin Thought Leader

What do I want to be when I grow up?

That’s what it felt like when I was asked to be a Trexin Thought Leader. I had to choose a topic; a specialty. I had to be a thought leader of something.

I’ve spent most of my technical career as a generalist. I started developing real-time operating systems and went on to work/develop, databases, document management systems, communication systems, authentication and authorization systems, financial, and trading systems, along with a myriad of applications in the healthcare, financial, insurance, and you-name-it sectors. I’ve used various assembly languages: C, C++, Objective C, C#, and please-lord-not-another-C. I’ve also used Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and a few others but now prefer Python. I am officially language agnostic.

As I sat at the dinner table explaining this to my wife, she asked, “What makes you different?” “I’m good at connecting dots and people,” I replied. “I help business people understand technology and technical people understand the business. I’m like a technology whisperer.” “Is that a thing?” she asked. I smiled. That was my answer.

I most often use the term “Enterprise Architect” when asked what I do. I don’t like it. Many enterprise architects stay at a very high level and draw pretty pictures. Business people then get frustrated because they are not seeing solutions to their business problems. The focus should be on incrementally and iteratively delivering measurable business value instead of architectural artifacts. I’ve always believed in getting my hands dirty. I need to understand the details of what I’m proposing and feel confident that my solutions will serve the business.

Serve the business…that is my mantra.

No matter what I do, I want to provide value to the client. I want to serve the business.

I help business executives: CEOs, COOs, CFOs (not just CIOs and CTOs), understand the art of the possible. I help them assess their business needs, build their business strategy, and define a roadmap to execute that strategy. I help technical teams understand and embrace the roadmap to iteratively build and deliver products. I sit with them as they design and develop; serving as their guide and mentor. I leverage Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, and whatever-makes-sense principles to get things done.

I thought about naming this blog “The Pragmatic Architect” but my colleague John already used that adjective.

I am a Technology Whisperer. How can I serve?

This Blog, written by a former Senior Principal and Thought Leader, is used with permission from the author. Trexin welcomes comments and discussion on this topic. For additional information email Trexin at

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  1. Lorenzo

    Thanks John! It takes one to know one.

  2. John Crowell

    Great post! Very “Lorenzo”, by which I mean smart, thoughtful, down to earth, all good things. Looking forward to future posts!

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