Event Summary 11.6.2014

Reimagine Healthcare Through Data

Hosted by Trexin Consulting and MarkLogic


Ngan MacDonald, Health Economics Lead, Trexin Consulting
Noland Joiner, Chief Technology Officer for Commercial Healthcare, MarkLogic

Over a convivial round of drinks and hors d’oeuvres, seventeen senior managers from industry and academia met (and in some cases re-met) their healthcare colleagues. After sharing their backgrounds and concerns around The Tortoise Club’s private room, Noland Joiner officially introduced the roundtable topics around data and improving patient outcomes leveraging data.

As the roundtable guests tucked into their food, the discussions began. (As an interesting aside, the inevitable game of “do you know” yielded a number of shared past experiences and people. Not surprising, in retrospect, considering the deep background of the guests, but definitely fascinating.)

Here is a sampling of the topics covered:

  • How data enables patient-centric healthcare
  • Evolving toward outcome-based care
  • The longer-term impacts of the Affordable Care Act
  • The exciting rise of telemedicine
  • The importance of customer (patient) contact and interaction
  • The desire to tease early indicators out of the data
  • The impact of megamergers among hospitals and doctors
  • Speculation on the impact of genes versus lifestyle on longevity.

At the end of the evening, the guests left with their appetites both sated and whetted.

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