Insight Paper 10.21.2014

The Miracle of Lasting Change

Use Your Head (Heart, and Hands)

This article was originally published in Cutter IT Journal in June/July 2014

Cutter IT Journal’s June/July 2014 issue was focused on empathy-based design. In that issue, Trexin Co-Founders and Managing Directors, Dale Anderson and Marvin Richardson introduce a framework called “Head, Heart, and Hands” (HHH), which is based on the notion that people tend to be oriented toward one of the three as their primary mode of engagement. The HHH framework recognizes these tendencies and ensures that all three are seamlessly integrated in initiatives beyond core technology implementations. Two cases are highlighted in which the HHH approach was successfully employed for strategic initiatives in organizations — one for leadership development and one for strategic planning.

Tagged in: Program Execution, Strategy & Innovation
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