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Case Study 8.30.2016

Marketing Medical Devices in an Age of Value-Based Care

Our Client, a rapidly growing medical device company, sought a partner to help them better understand fluid management for their hemodynamic monitoring product line. They were looking to generate abstracts in partnership with several physician groups who were thought leaders in the area of fluid management, and their goal was<span. . .
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Case Study 3.30.2016

Evaluating Readiness for Future Healthcare Business Models

Our Client, one of the oldest, self-sustaining Health Information Exchanges (HIE) in the country, was facing significant disruption in their industry. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the healthcare providers and accountable care organizations (ACO) that made up our Client’s customer base suddenly demanded more robust patient<span. . .
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Case Study 2.16.2016

Building an IT Operating Model for a Large Health Insurer

Our Client, one of the largest customer-owned health insurance companies in the country, needed to improve the efficiency and the quality of output generated by their IT organization. Their lines of business (LOB) are incredibly diverse, including government, group, and retail consumer healthcare plans. These LOBs exist at different<span. . .
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Insight Paper 1.26.2016

How GIS Applies to Healthcare

Healthcare has strong geographical ties. There are endless determinants that affect the health of an individual, including physical, social, economic, and cultural considerations. While every individual will have a unique compilation of these factors that will contribute to their health, looking at determinants at the population level allows for more<span. . .
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Insight Paper 12.9.2015

A Brief Intro to GIS

Whether you work in marketing, strategy, finance, technology, product development or analytics, data is likely an important driver of your work. Words like ‘big data’ or ‘data visualization’ can be intimidating to those who do not fall under roles like data architect or analyst, but it doesn’t have to be.<span. . .
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Case Study 11.17.2015

Creating a New Healthcare Analytics Offering

Our Client, one of the healthcare industry’s leading providers of evidence- and experience-based clinical and care improvement solutions, could not report on physician behavior, measure the effectiveness of their guidance, or explain conflicting results. Their goal was to add systemic healthcare analytics to their range of service offerings.
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