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As technology is constantly changing and progressing, IT organizations are faced with transforming their organizations and systems to provide enhanced market capabilities and new business opportunities. Aging systems, closed technologies, failed transformation efforts, and numerous non-standard market integrations are just some of the issues organizations are dealing with in today’s operating landscape. To achieve success in transforming an operating environment or leveraging a new technology/platform model, a strong viable strategy that provides a complete understanding of the financial and incremental delivery value is essential. Establishing a roadmap with incremental results, architecting the right solution, and successfully implementing a supportable end product takes a sound strategy, an agile approach, and experiential knowledge of development and operations.

Trexin maintains a staff of broad, deep, and specialized experienced people who provide the level of capability and understanding to bridge the gap between understanding the needs/trends and the implementation of systems and solutions to meet those needs. Trexin works with your organization and resources, acting as members of your organization. Trexin’s team is practiced in delivering large scale, high performing solutions. Our team utilizes their experience to take advantage of technology changes and new possibilities in order to communicate and drive solutions within your organization.

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Help me transform my Development & Operations Team

Large organizations tend to have more than one development methodology (Agile Scrum, SAFE, XP, Extended Waterfall, etc.), depending on the development team’s capability or the organization’s transition status from one methodology to another. Trexin’s consultants can help your organization transition and effectively capitalize on industry standards and approaches while maintaining velocity; integrating development teams with operation teams to further advance your development and deployment capabilities.

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Help me modernize a platform to IaaS/PaaS environment

Modernizing and migrating a platform first starts with a sound understanding of the business value to achieve. Trexin has experience modernizing platforms to IaaS/PaaS environments, whether they are on-premise or off-premise public cloud environments. Our team can quickly disposition and identify the remediation strategies and tasks that define the roadmap and sequencing needed to efficiently execute an efficient migration effort. Trexin has gained numerous insights into what makes a successful migration effort as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

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Help me develop an integration strategy roadmap

Rarely do business critical systems operate in isolation. From service buses, point to point protocols, web services, messaging, and others, there exists a myriad of integration possibilities; each with their own requirements, strengths, and weaknesses. Trexin provides your organization the ability to map and design the flow of business processes and information; applying the appropriate integration tools, techniques, and approaches to achieve a solid IT ecosystem that offers efficient real-time business solutions.

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Help me improve performance and resiliency of my applications

Applications that are developed based upon requirements can meet or exceed expectations by the business, but can also hide problems or be constraining when it comes to future enhancements, multiple release cycles, performance load, etc. Trexin can quickly assess your system and provide specific roadmap/recommendations for both short and long-term achievements. Our team leverages hundreds of years of development experience to provide industry forward direction and patterns that can help define and steer your application toward better performance and resiliency to future growth and changes.

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