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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the growing evolution of communications between technical devices and corporate systems.  Whether these devices are commercial business devices, consumer electronics, manufacturing equipment, medical devices, or field equipment the value of real-time information is a game changer for a company’s understanding of performance, service-levels and usage outside the traditional server measurements of yesterday.  In the future, anything that can be connected, will be connected to the Internet.  The complexities of establishing an IoT operating environment spans a large degree of complexities from security, data collection and data analytics.

Vision & Strategy (VS)

You’re under significant pressure to expand your operational capabilities and provide efficient high performance solutions. The Internet of Things allows an organization to expand upon its traditional reach and incorporate end-points of your organization into day-to-day operational environments. To engage in such rewarding opportunity involves optimization of business policies and processes. It pays to take time to find your North Star, chart an efficient course, and provision your organization for success. Trexin’s consultants have been on this journey, know the obstacles you may face, and can help your team align behind an actionable strategy.

Proof of Concept (POC)

One of the best approaches to taking advantage of IoT capabilities in your organization is to start small and understand the changes required to business processes, organizational policies, security compliance, and data analytic impacts. Additionally, with some many possibilities for design and implementation, finding the appropriate approach for your organization can sometimes be a harrowing task. Trexin’s consultants can help your organization establish a the first step in the journey of adopting and incorporating IoT capabilities.

Security Compliance and Hardening (SC&H)

Your data is valuable, not only to you but others. A compromise in your IoT strategy and implementation opens up a liability for your company systems as well as the reputation and confidence within the industry and the public view. Regular and detailed security compliance checks are essential to protect your data, the data of your customers, and the overall integrity of your corporate systems. Compliance can be a powerful lever in strengthening your Cybersecurity “Defense in Depth” strategy; however, compliance and security are not one and the same. Compliance is the measurement, or reporting snapshot, of how security is being managed and maintained at a given point in time. Security is the protection of how your data and systems are used, stored and delivered to the end-user, all the time. Trexin can assess, remediate, and help build a sustainable continuous compliance program for your IoT implementations.

Chicago Cybersecurity Executive eRoundtable

Trexin’s Chief Security Officer, Glenn Kapetansky, attended Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum’s May Chicago Cybersecurity Executive Roundtable along with 14 other Chicago-area senior cybersecurity colleagues.

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