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Building a Secure, Cost-Effective, and Agile Next-Generation Technology Platform

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, enterprises need to seize marketplace opportunity through rapid innovation. Whether your company chooses private, public, hybrid or even multi-cloud approaches, you’re under significant pressure to cut costs and increase operational agility. But it should be understood that your enterprise is embarking on a multi-year evolutionary journey that will transform not only the technology landscape, but also optimize business policy and processes. Seemingly small tactical decisions can have lasting impacts. It pays to take time to find your North Star, chart an efficient course, and provision your organization for success. But having a strategy is not enough. There are significant details and decisions to be made. Many companies have already embarked on a Cloud strategy but have encountered challenges when moving their legacy business functionality to the Cloud. Some teams find it difficult to adopt the modern platforms.

Our goal is to help you avoid mistakes that create unnecessary risk and disruption along your path. Trexin’s executive-level advisors, multi-disciplinary architects, program managers, and transformation leaders stand ready to assist. Our consultants have been on this journey, know the obstacles you may face, and can help your team align behind an actionable strategy. Trexin’s architects can act as “player/coaches” to mentor and transform your development and operations teams. We can help your organization understand the exact technology transformations needed and assist in planning, managing, and executing a program that will enable the success of your business.


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Help me define my initial Cloud strategy

Trexin understands that tangible results are the best way to show how the Cloud can transform a business. We encourage building proofs of concept to show business partners the possible and help evolve the vision. Trexin can assist with an assessment of your current state and help determine the most effective transition to the Cloud for your organization.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Public/Private Cloud

Help me get my Cloud projects back on track

Trexin’s consultants can quickly assess the problem projects and develop a plan for a quick turnaround. Our team is embedded with your people and together, work to bring success to your business.

Areas of Expertise:


Help me get more from our Cloud initiatives

Many firms have adopted the Cloud but need to optimize its use. Trexin can evaluate the current portfolio of Cloud initiatives and create a blueprint to improve efficiency and lower costs. Our team is embedded with your people and together, work to bring success to your business.

Areas of Expertise:


Help me migrate my legacy apps and data to the Cloud

Migrating existing apps and data to the Cloud is more difficult than building new, Cloud-enabled applications. There are multiple approaches and Trexin can help decide which ones are best for your business to minimize risk and shorten the time to market.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Legacy Applications
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Integration

Chicago Cybersecurity Executive eRoundtable

Trexin’s Chief Security Officer, Glenn Kapetansky, attended Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum’s May Chicago Cybersecurity Executive Roundtable along with 14 other Chicago-area senior cybersecurity colleagues.

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