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Governance of APIs within an organization is critical to understanding usage, scale and problem resolution. Whether the organization requires a lightweight or heavy approach, Service API/Management can be daunting and expensive to implement. Trexin ensures that whether the ask is for on premise (e.g. MuleSoft, ApiAxle, IBM API Management suite) or cloud based (e.g. Intel Mashery, Apigee), leveraging the right tool and approach for your organization is our top priority.

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Help me evaluate and reengineer my service design

Good design can create resiliency to change from enhancements and further client application needs.  Trexin has years of experience and lessons learned with regard to SOA and Microservice design, performance, and runtime configuration. Continuous build and deployment, security authentication and authorization, and containerization all require an understanding of the IT governance structure and the goals of the business.

Areas of Expertise:

  • SOA

Help me develop an integration strategy Roadmap

Rarely do business critical systems operate in isolation. From service buses, point to point protocols, web services, messaging, and others, there exists a myriad of integration possibilities; each with their own requirements, strengths and weaknesses. Trexin provides your organization the ability to map and design the flow of business processes and information; applying the appropriate integration tools, techniques and approaches to achieve a solid IT ecosystem that offers efficient real-time business solutions.

Areas of Expertise:


Developing Business Solutions With Free and Open Software

Our Client, the Chief Actuarial Officer of a large healthcare Payer, had an urgent need to improve reporting insights into their predicted and actual membership. Challenging Trexin to help him develop an interim solution in less than 90 days, our Client asked us to create reporting tools based on currently. . .

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