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Assess Your Cyber Risk and Protect Your Data With a Balanced, Layered, Enterprise Risk Program

Information Security traditionally has relied on a paradigm that is under significant pressure on multiple fronts. Boldly stated, we are losing the battle. New cyber threat vectors such as the emergence of nation states and the deluge of security monitoring log data from an increasing number and variety of connected endpoints are just two examples. Even with 100% of 2014 victims having up-to-date anti-virus software, it took attackers an average of 5 minutes to breach a corporate network, yet it took a median 243 days for advanced attacks to be discovered; 63% of breaches had to be first reported by 3rd parties! As a result, companies are urgently exploring new ways to protect, detect, manage and report on cybersecurity. Our approach to cybersecurity is a balanced and layered one that integrates into your corporate Risk Management framework. As a result, our partnership with you will explore improvements to policies, process, dashboards, architectures and managing new technologies on all organizational levels from Operations to the Board.

Cybersecurity Leadership

TLA Managers Forum

On Friday March 17th, at the early hour of 7am, the TLA Managers Forum met to discuss the impact of disruptive new technologies like Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) on cybersecurity standards and regulations.

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