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Metrics, dashboards, and continuous monitoring/evaluation are the only ways to stay on top of how your organization is performing against its goals. With numerous frameworks and methodologies, it is very easy to get wrapped up in the mechanics of producing report after report without ever really knowing if you are monitoring what truly matters. Trexin resources are deeply experienced in determining and iterating your metrics program as needs ebb and flow.

Help section

Help me map my enterprise strategies and key assets to my risk management framework

Choosing the most effective enterprise risk management framework (ERM) for your organization is as important as choosing the right tools for any job; more than one tool can do the job but your business needs should drive the selection of the most effective and efficient framework for you. All too often organizations choose the most elaborate or widespread ERM solution, only to spend more resources on maintaining it than getting to the true value of managing risk. Our team will lead you through an assessment process to determine your current state against future goals, and to develop a prioritized and sequenced roadmap to not only get you there, but to identify the “Metrics that Matter” along the way. Only after assuring yourself that your key initiatives are succeeding will you be confident you achieved an effective framework for your business.

Areas of Expertise:

  • NIST
  • CSC
  • PCI
  • CAT
  • Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
  • CSF
  • ISO
  • CoBIT
  • GLBA 501b
  • enterprise risk management
  • ERMCoB

Help me design dashboards that highlight "Metrics that Matter"

Paramount to ensuring the success of your risk and cybersecurity programs is appropriate metrics and reporting. Too many dashboards are filled with great graphs, thermometers, gauges, and an array of data points that obscure the path to clear decision making rather than enabling it. Trexin believes in distinct dashboards for key levels of management and roles, that nevertheless are based on the same underlying data providing drill-down and roll-up traceability. Moreover, metrics intended to manage change progress are different than metrics to manager operational stability – and even dashboards of the appropriate “Metrics that Matter” need to be re-baselined over time in order to account for your own maturation as well as changes in business, technology and threats.  Trexin security experts can analyze current metrics against your goals and determine alignment and appropriateness of the data being collected, how it is being presented and identify missing or non-essential data points.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Dashboard
  • metrics
  • indicators
  • health check
  • relevant
  • data points
  • monitoring
  • change management
  • enterprise risk management
  • ERM
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