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Information Security is under significant pressure on multiple fronts. Boldly stated, we are losing the battle against: new cyber threat business models such as ransomware (defined by Cryptolocker in 2013 and now reemerging in 2016), the emergence of nation states as actors, and the order-of-magnitude greater points of vulnerability as the Internet of Things spreads.

But why should businesses invest in security against such odds if it’s not their core business? The answer in heavily regulated sectors such as Finance and Healthcare is “because you have to”. Other sectors, such as transportation, it’s a matter of public safety. For still others, reputational risk is paramount.

Breaches and other incidents already take their toll in companies large and small. At large firms such as Yahoo!, Target, and Mossack Fonseca, valuations, C-suite and Board positions, and even top politicians have been impacted. Small companies are the most vulnerable, with nearly 60% of small companies going out of business following a hack.

As a result, companies are urgently exploring new ways to protect, detect, manage and report on cybersecurity. Our approach to cybersecurity is a balanced and layered one that integrates into your corporate Risk Management framework. As a result, our partnership with you will explore improvements to policies, process, dashboards, architectures and managing new technologies on all organizational levels from Operations to the Board.

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SecureXI – 11th Annual ISSA/ISACA Chicago Chapters Audit, Compliance & Security Conference and Networking Cruise

On June 22, 2017, Trexin participated in ‘SecureXI – 11th Annual ISSA and ISACA Chicago Chapters Audit, Compliance & Security Conference and Networking Cruise’ off Navy Pier. ISSA/ISACA SecureXI included training sessions in the morning and an afternoon filled with an expert CISO panel and networking with some of the. . .

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