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Hand in hand with AI and ML is the ability to extract hidden value and meaning from “Big Data”: data so large, so varied, and growing so quickly that manual human analysis isn’t feasible. Many enterprises are already in this situation, and the growth of incoming data is staggering, leaving some leaders wondering what to do. Trexin’s advisors can help you make sense of the opportunities and challenges around Big Data, leveraging its expertise in algorithms specific to Big Data, including Map-Reduce and several families of algorithms covered under the AI/ML category.

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Help me understand how to use Big Data

If you have a Data Lake or other large repository of rapidly-growing data, you know that it takes work and focus to get value from it. In fact, in our experience, most companies get minimal value from their data stores no matter how large. This is ironically true even for companies that have data with such high volume, velocity, and variety that it qualifies as Big Data. It’s no surprise that often, in the rush to implement the latest technology, companies ignore the fundamentals and plow ahead with an “if we build it, they will come” mentality. Trexin can assist you in establishing appropriate structure around the processes of consuming Big Data, so that you can maximize its value to your business.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Data Lake
  • Map-Reduce
  • Machine Learning

Identifying High-Risk Claims at First Notice of Loss

When an innovative medical malpractice liability insurance company’s new claims were not being reviewed at first notice of loss and therefore not proactively managed, the company’s CIO asked Trexin to develop an automated solution.

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