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Capability ExpertiseAligned EnterpriseAssessments, Diagnostics, & Roadmaps
Trexin’s has delivered numerous assessments, diagnostics, and roadmap for our clients across a myriad of industries. Our methodology balances business and technology forces to provide actionable plans and advice that focus on ensuring your IT strategy, initiatives, processes, and systems are aligned with your business strategies and goals. Overall, Trexin’s approach and methodologies to assessments, diagnostics, and roadmaps are flexible and can be customized to help clients focus on the opportunities or known problem areas that enable critical outcomes across functional teams, lines of businesses, or the Enterprise that drive material and lasting changes.

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Help me align my organization to our strategy

Most of our client organizations have an agreed-upon strategy, but many lack the alignment to execute that strategy and most of their lines of business and employees do not understand that strategy and its implications to their day-to-day work. Even in leading class organizations, only one in ten successfully execute their strategy across lines of businesses.

There is an often-missing component that, if consistently applied, will dramatically enhance the progression of strategy creation, communication, and execution. That critical element is alignment. Trexin is able to work with your organization in a highly collaborative manner to not only capture your business objectives and strategies, but also advise you on how to cascade those strategies down to lines of businesses and employees to create an aligned Enterprise.

Trexin provides our clients the ability to align their organization against the strategy and to see how business objectives link directly to capabilities and their foundational elements of people, processes, and technology. An organization aligned for results is a force multiplier.

Areas of Expertise:

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Alignment
  • Target Operating Model
  • IT Performance

Help me identify my organization’s performance issues

Helping our clients identify performance issues begins with understanding the root issues that contribute to those unsatisfactory outcomes. Trexin’s methodology provides the foundation for problem solving and root cause analysis. Procedurally, the methodology consists of three primary phases:

  • Phase 1: Establish One Set of Facts
  • Phase 2: Build Consensus about Capability & Performance Gaps
  • Phase 3: Define Stepwise Path to Improvement

Establishing one set of facts through rigorous data collection and workshop techniques becomes the first critical part in determining an organization’s performance issues relative to their vision and strategy. Getting our clients to agree to the facts is often a pivotal point in the process and one that provides clarity to the situation and specificity to the desired outcomes.

Trexin’s experience and familiarity with problem solving and root cause analysis for our clients have allowed us to fine tune our approach, techniques, and offering which contains an extensive set of tools, processes, and templates.

Areas of Expertise:

  • IT Strategy
  • Alignment
  • IT Performance
  • Root Cause Analysis
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