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Press Release 1.26.2017

Imran Khan Promoted to Senior Principal

Trexin Consulting, a management consulting and IT solutions firm, announced today that Imran Khan has been promoted to the role of Senior Principal. Trexin specializes in the application of advanced technologies that drive business value.
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Case Study 12.22.2016

Making the Most of Point-of-Sale Data

Our Client, a category-leading consumer packaged goods company with a strong brand, was beginning to experience sales erosion and retailer attrition. A new executive team surmised this was partially due to ineffective retailer collaboration, exemplified by their inability to present retail partners with a fact-based selling case grounded by<span. . .
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Insight Paper 11.3.2016

The Philosophy and Process of Data Science

Let’s start by defining data science and being clear that the most important word in the term “data science” is science; data science usually involves using the scientific method to prove or disprove a hypothesis with data. My colleague Mike Schillmoeller points out that some methods (e.g., dimension reduction, image<span. . .
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Insight Paper 10.26.2016

Pragmatic Analytics to Help Gain a Decision Advantage

Information of all kinds is flying at us at a tremendous and increasing rate and volume, but many companies are fruitlessly trying to extract value and meaning from that information. Ever since data science has become an integral part of our daily lives, our news feeds, inboxes and water cooler<span. . .
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