Case Study 5.21.2018

Applying Martech to Healthcare

Trexin helped a marketing technology vendor expand into Healthcare.

Business Driver

A fast-growing marketing technology software vendor focused on consumer engagement products integrating multi-channel customer information had a successful implementation of its integrated marketing platform for a large Healthcare Payer. Sensing an opportunity to more extensively expand into Healthcare and recognizing Trexin’s deep industry expertise and wide understanding of Healthcare trends driving the need for marketing and master data management products, the company’s CEO asked Trexin to become a professional service partner.


Trexin’s first step was to more thoroughly understand our Client’s integrated marketing platform, a customer engagement system that allows users to extract structured and unstructured data quickly from multiple sources, analyze customer behaviors and preferences, and generate customized messages for multiple media channels. This was followed by gathering an understanding of the platform implementation process and team composition, including its project management process and technical roles typically included in new installations. Trexin then mapped these roles to Trexin’s own technical resources and proposed several options for how they might engage one or more Trexin resources on an upcoming project to solidify our product knowledge through applied experience.

In addition to positioning ourselves to eventually lead installations as a full solution implementation partner, Trexin also began to identify Healthcare use cases and jointly develop opportunities to sell and implement the solution to more Healthcare organizations.  This process was formalized through a weekly business development call to identify and develop opportunities to jointly pursue projects, helping focus ideas and actions on leads, and promote greater understanding of each organization’s strengths and capabilities to effectively win business.


To quickly acquire the applied knowledge necessary to lead implementations, Trexin placed a Solution Architect and a System Integration Engineer on a cost-sharing basis onto one of our Client’s live, in-progress implementations over a 16-week period. As that implementation progressed, Trexin also introduced our Client to a new prospect, a large regional Healthcare Provider who was evaluating master data management and customer engagement solutions to help them manage their rapid growth. After an extensive product evaluation and vendor solution selection process, the Provider elected to license the platform as part of a large, multi-year contract.

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